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Shorts Competition
 Submission Requirements

The Goal of this Shorts Competition is to encourage emerging filmmakers to submit an original short film of their creation, addressing “The Jewish Experience.” Perhaps some of the best news is that there is NO COST for entering this competition.


December 15, 2016 – Deadline for 2017 Athens JFF shorts submissions.
February 2017 – Finalists announced in early February.
March 21, 2017 – Screening of finalists’ films and awards.


Emerging or established filmmakers of any religious affiliation or national origin.
 Films must be from 1 to 20 minutes in length (including credits).
 Films must address the theme of “The Jewish Experience.” 
All genres (documentary, narrative, poetry, animation, claymation, etc.) are welcome!


Cash Prizes will be provided to the following: • 
First Place
 • Second Place • 
Third Place
We look forward to hearing from you and, more importantly, seeing your work.


The primary goal of the submission guidelines is to obtain one high quality submission for jury viewing and, if the film is chosen, for theatrical viewing. Therefore, we request a high quality submission so that if the spot is chosen, we will have a version that can be shown in High Definition at a local theatre.
The jury will not be watching submissions on the internet. Our company, Athens Video, will be downloading all submissions and compiling them onto one (or two) DVDs for the jury to watch together.
All submissions must therefore be downloadable.
We accept the following methods of delivery with the following requirements, although we  highly recommend creating a Vimeo account and uploading your submission there, and enabling the download option.


You must enable file download.

We Transfer, DropBox, etc.

Mail in submissions

If you mail in a submission on disc, please send a data disc with a video file such as MP4 or MOV.
Important Note: You may send in a traditional DVD disc, but you will not receive it back, and the quality will be compromised should it make it into the theatrical viewing. A PAL version can be used but it will be converted to NTSC.


Because we cannot download YouTube videos, we cannot accept them.

• Complete the ENTRY FORM for each submission by December 15, 2016
• Submit DVD (see above regarding mail-in discs) or relevant online links and passwords
• A clearly labeled DVD including submission title, entrant’s name, and contact information
• Brief bio information for each filmmaker


Ron Zell
904 Georgian Point Dr.
Lawrenceville, GA 30045
Or online to: zellmo904@yahoo.com