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Athens Jewish Film Festival

Feature Film Submission Guidelines

Feature film submissions for the 2017 Athens Jewish Film Festival are closed.

The closing date for each March festival is August 31 of the preceding year.
However, since we also have several year-round screenings; filmmakers may still submit films throughout the year for consideration.


There are no fees to submit feature films for consideration by Athens Jewish Film Festival.

Please submit your screener DVD along with the following information:

1.  Film Title

2.  Genre

3.  Length

4.  Format available

5.  Director

6.  Country

7.  Production year

8.  Premiere

9.  Where else has the film screened?  Include TV broadcasts, if any.

10. Your contact, or your distributor’s information including telephone and email.

Screeners will not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Please do not send masters.

*Please contact us with any questions.

Click here to download a fillable, printable, emailable submission form.