Join us for our Fall 2023 Special Event
November 19th


If you attended this event, we hope you enjoyed the films & noshes,
and we appreciate your support!
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Athens Jewish Film Festival and CINÉ present a special afternoon event featuring two award-winning films & noshes

November 19th @ Athens CINÉ
12:00–4:00 pm

CINÉ Doors open at 11:30 am

2 Films plus a nosh between films for $25.00


“The Shadow of the Day” • 12:00-2:15 pm

The Shadow of the Day

Directed by Giuseppe Piccioni
Italy, 2023
125 Minutes

Set in the picturesque, provincial town Ascoli Piceno in central Italy, The Shadow of the Day is a dramatic and gripping love story set in the late 1930s. Luciano, a wounded World War I veteran and a sympathizer with fascism, runs a classy restaurant overlooking the town’s ancient square. He believes he can live his life according to his own set of rules. In this bubble, he observes the world through the window of his pleasant restaurant. One day, Anna appears looking for work. A young woman with a dangerous secret, she is hired to work in his restaurant. Slowly, affection creeps in between the two and among the many dangers Luciano faces, including the onset of WWII, there is the greatest danger of all: love. Featuring an ensemble cast including Lino Musella (The Hand of God) and Vincenzo Nemolato (Gomorrah), Giuseppe Piccioni’s thoughtful melodrama reflects on fascism and the pre-war atmosphere of control and isolation.

NOSH BREAK • 2:15-2:45 pm

“The Jews and The Blues” • 2:45-4:00 pm

The Jews and The Blues

Written and Directed by Drew Stone and Evan B. Stone
USA, 2022
67 Minutes 

The Jews and the Blues is a musical journey that along the way becomes something much more. My name is Drew Stone, I’m a documentary filmmaker, musician and talk show host born and raised in New York City. Join me as I follow my passion for music and adventure as I travel to Israel and discover how the blues ties into this incredible mix of cultures. Arab, Ethiopian, Moroccan, all Jewish, all Israeli, united through the universal tie that bids us together…. Music. Experience the sights, sounds and the unexpected on this expedition into uncharted territory. The Jews and The Blues : A musical AND spiritual Journey.

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2 Films plus a nosh between films for $25.00

Ticket sales at CINÉ box office on the day of the event are subject to availability.
Day of show prices remain at $25 and include both movies and the noshes.


234 West Hancock Avenue, Athens, GA, between Pulaski and Hull Streets.
Phone: 706-353-7377
Film Info: 706-353-3343

Parking will be the responsibility of the patrons.  On Sundays parking meters are free, and nearby paid parking is also available.