The 2018 festival commemorates our 10th Anniversary 

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Individual tickets will also be available at standard Ciné prices at the Box Office, fifteen minutes prior to showtime, and subject to availability.

MONDAY, MARCH 26 — 5:00 PM @ CINE (130 MIN)


Paradise tells the story of three individuals and the fateful decisions they make, forced by a totality of conviction. Olga (Julia Vysotskaya) is a beautiful Russian aristocratic émigré and member of the French Resistance; Jules (Philippe Duquesne) is a French-Nazi collaborator who is assigned to investigate her case; and Helmut (Christian Clauss) is a high-ranking, yet naïve German SS officer who once fell madly in love with Olga and meets her again when she is shipped to a concentration camp. While they recount their stories, the film flashes back to the end of World War II and the days when their destinies crossed.
Director: Andrey Konchalovskiy
Country: Russia, Germany
Language(s): Russian, German, French, Yiddish with subtitles
Genres: Drama | War
Runtime: 130 min • 2017

MONDAY, MARCH 26 — 7:45 PM @ CINE (90 MIN)

“Rabbi Wolff”

William Wolff is in his late 80s and is probably the most unconventional rabbi in the world.
The small gentleman was born in Berlin, carries a British passport and lives in a countryside bungalow south of London. His regular commute takes him midweek from Heathrow to Hamburg, from where he boards a train and travels to his Jewish communities in Schwerin and Rostock. Rabbi Wolff is not only the portrait of a fascinating personality, of a deeply religious man who defies conventions, driven by his lust for life; the film also delves into the enticing world of Judaism and presents to us a uniquely eclectic, German resumé. 
Director: Britta Wauer
Country: Germany
Language(s): German, with subtitles
Genre: Documentary, Drama
Running Time: 90 minutes • 2016