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MONDAY, MARCH 20 — 3:30 PM (118) MINUTES

“The Kind Words”

This quirky and wry comedy follows three Jewish Israeli siblings – Dorona and brothers Netanel and Shai – who, in the wake of their mother’s death, learn the man who raised them is not their biological dad.
The revelation sends them on a road trip from Israel across France to discover the truth about their real father. The sixth feature from writer-director Shemi Zarhin explores an unraveling family secret and the bittersweet journey of self-discovery that follows.
Director: Shemi Zarhin
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Country: Israel/Canada
Language(s): French, Hebrew, English Subtitles
Running Time: 118 Minutes • 2015

MONDAY, MARCH 20 — 6:00 PM (110 MIN)

“Fever At Dawn”

A true story adapted from the novel “Fever at Dawn.” In 1945, after having been freed from a concentration camp, the 25-year-old Hungarian man, Miklós is being treated at a Swedish hospital. The doctors diagnose him with a severe lung disease and tell him that he has no more than six months to live. But he refuses to give up, wants to find a wife with whom he can start a new life, and sends letters to 117 Hungarian girls who are also being treated in Sweden. One of the girls is 19-year-old Lili, who likes Miklós’s letter, and they start corresponding.
Writer/Director: Péter Gárdos
Genre: Holocaust Drama
Countries: Hungary, Israel
Language(s): Hungarian, English Subtitles
Running Time: 110 Minutes • 2016

MONDAY, MARCH 20 — 8:15 PM (81 MIN)

“Peter The 3rd”

What some people will do in order to make sure they get their pension….In this comical feature film, 65-year-old Peter decides to run for office in order to get a governmental pension. Sitting around with his buddies at their usual café, they come up with a plan whereby Peter runs for office, thus making sure that he at least gets his governmental pension. With the help of the young waitress, they not only scheme and strategize — along the way they all learn about life, love and loss.
Director: Tommy Lang
Genre: Comedy
Country: Israel
Language(s): Hebrew, English Subtitles
Running Time: 81 Minutes • 2015